What is a Brand?

A Brand is NOT a product or a logo or a website or your marketing material

"A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company."

- Marty Neumeier

You influence this with your Brand Strategy & Brand identity

Brand Strategy is figuring out what your goal is for your brand and how to get there.

Brand Identity is your brand’s visual aesthetic, personality & how it interacts in the market.

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The foundation of your brand is

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Don't neglect either of these

If you do not have a brand strategy or brand identity, your business has exponential growth potential. Please do not starting marketing until your brand is fully developed.

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Branding made simple


Your logo is a symbol of your business. It represents the quality of your products, how you treat your customers and how people feel about your brand overall.


Your tagline can be anything from heartfelt to funny to serious. As long as it is something that makes sense with the business as a whole, it will work.


The goal is to integrate your logo, colors, font and messaging (brand identity) into every aspect of your business. If you succeed, there will be no forgetting who or what your brand is.


The messaging that your business relays is essential. You want to make sure your customers know your values and what you will deliver as a business.


Who is your ideal customer and how do you get to them. Everything in between is strategy. If you are crystal clear on how to do this, your business will not fail.


One of the most important things for a brand to do is be consistent. If you deliver again and again better than competitors, then customers will not hesitate to return.

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Which restaurant would you choose?

These two restaurants are a prime example of what branding can do for your business, which would you choose if you saw both side by side? The Noodlehouse chose to have a creative logo, specific font and color palette. West Lake chose to put up a sign without any branding in mind.

Both restaurants may get their food from the same distributor and have similar recipes. They may have the same quality of service but because Noodlehouse took branding into consideration, they have higher perceived value.